Generate Subscription Form

This form can go directly on your website to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe users who fill it out. To generate a subscription form, go to List Overview and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a succession of links, one of which is Generate Subscription Forms.

First, choose the form type, the brand, and the list(s) you wish to have the users subscribed (or unsubscribed) to.


Beyond email, choose the fields you wish to have the user enter in order to subscribe to your list. Standard fields such as FirstName, LastName, Gender, and Address1 are included, and other data fields may be added as you see fit. 

Other than Email, which is necessary, all fields are optional. Remember that the more fields you add, the less transactional your subscription may be.

Redirect to URL

Below the fields checklist, you have to type in the URL you want subscribers to be redirected to once they have filled out the form. Once the html code is generated, make sure to add this to your website page. This may require some technical assistance.

You also have the options to select a creative to be sent out automatically after the form has been filled out, choose your M-Stream Campaign, and track keywords.

For more on setting up M-Stream Campaigns, click here.

Tips & Tricks

The html code can be completely customized to represent the look and feel of your website.


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