A Creative is the content of your email. Emails can be written in text, html, or text/html format. For Creatives with both text and html content, by default the recipient will receive the html content. The text content will only be received in the case of low bandwidth.

For text Creatives, opens are not tracked. In text emails, only fully qualified clickable links will be tracked.


Creatives Search and Sorting

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In the blue title bar, you can search or sort your Creatives according to multiple filters.

To Search, use the Creatives Search drop-down selector to choose between Creative NameDefault From NameDefault SubjectModified Date, and Sent Date. Then enter the search term you're looking for and click Go.

To Sort, select the Sort By drop-down selector to choose which filter to sort by. Options are Name A to ZName Z to AModified DateSent Date, and Added Date. You can also Limit which Creatives show up by selecting which Campaign Tag you want to view.


Creative Name

This is for organizational purposes and will not be seen by the end user. It is important to use a descriptive name including all pertinent information. A standard, useful format to follow for Creative Names is "[Event Location] [Event Type] [Event Date] [Drop Number]". If there is no set location, you can refer only to the type of event / email.


  • Manhattan Movie 8 23 16 Drop 1
  • Thank you for dining 2016
  • Father's Day 2016 Drop 3


Default From Name

This is the "Name" of the Creative's sender that will be seen by the end user.


Default Subject

This will be the Subject line that the recipients of your Creative see in their inbox. (The example image in the below image is a Test email.)


Spam Score

This scores the content and the subject line of the email. Creatives over 5 points are considered Spam by most ISP's. If your Spam Score is too high, it will be displayed in red. If your Spam Score is in the acceptable range, it will be displayed in green.

Factors that influence Spam Score include the ratio of text:image and if your Creative contains words or phrases which are common in Spam. To get more information on each Creative and what factors are increasing your score, click on the Spam Score number.


Send Test

Clicking on the small blue envelope  in the Action column will allow you to send a Creative as a test to your chosen recipients. There are two types of tests:

Simple Test: The Simple Test has a limit of 10 emails, which you must enter manually separated by commas. The Simple Test will send your recipients an email with "TEST:" before the Default Subject, and will contain both the text and html content.

Full Test: For the Full Test, you select a seed list from a drop-down menu. Full Tests cap at 20 recipients, so MarketTraq automatically only shows lists which have fewer than 20 recipients. Full Tests can take a few minutes to be sent, but will allow you to collect detailed information on opens and clicks.

For more on Send Tests, click here.



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