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There are a number of variables that can make or break an email campaign. The difference between a personalized and non-personalized subject line may seem like a trivial detail, but they often have a substantial impact on the number of clicks, opens, and conversions your email campaign will generate.

MarketTraq allows for easy AB testing in order to find out which version of your Creative - personalized subject line vs. non-personalized, image A vs. image B vs. image C, etc. - is more successful. The most common tested variables include personalized subject line, subject line text, and email images.

Test & Roll will automatically AB test at least two different Creatives to a sample size of your list. The better-performing email will automatically be sent to the rest of your list after the period of time you set for the test. The longer period of time you leave to measure the emails, the more accurate the test results. You will be able to view the performance of all emails in the Analytics section.



First, open the Test & Roll Send screen. On the navigation bar, open the Send drop-down menu and select Test & Roll.

Once the Test & Roll Send page is open, you will see multiple information fields where you can do the following (see below image):

  • Select the Brand which contains the Creatives you would like to use in the AB Test.
  • Select the number of Creatives, up to 8 creatives, you would like to test. In the below image, the compared Creatives are Example 2017 Drop A, Example 2017 Drop B, Example 2017 Drop C and Example 2017 Drop D. The Creatives should be the same except for one variable, such as the subject line, to get the most accurate results.
  • Select which List(s) you would like to receive the test. (Hint: You can select multiple lists by pressing ctrl+click.)
  • Select which Segment within the list you would like to receive the test.
  • Decide When the test will drop. You can open a calendar by clicking the Calendar Icon  to the right of the information field, or you can manually enter a phrase such as 'now', 'in 3 hours', or 'apr 30 @ 7'.
  • Decide what percentage of the chosen List(s) you would like to Send test to.
    • NOTE: A minimum of 1000 recipients in the sample size is recommended when testing with more than 2 creatives.
  • Under Send, decide how long after the test emails are sent out you would like the better-performing email to drop to the rest of the list. In the below image, whichever email performs better will be automatically sent out after 6 hours.
  • Decide what category you'd like to Roll based on; you can choose to test performance by Total Opens, Total Clicks, or Click Rate Based on Opens.

Once you have filled out all the information fields, click Schedule and your test will be sent out at the time you specified.

[Click image to magnify.]


Advanced Options

The Test & Roll Send page also offers advanced options which allow you to skip recipients, cap your recipients, enable email confirmations of your test, and set the admin email.

For Email Confirmation, you can decide to Disable email confirmations, receive When Drop Starts, receive When Drop Finishes, or When Drop Starts/Finishes.


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