1. While on the Creative Overviews screen, select the specific Creative that requires Google Analytics Tracking.
  2. In the Google Analytics Section, ensure that the box under to the "Google" logo is checked.

HINT: If it is, then Google Analytics Tracking is already activated. See below how to configure it.



  1. Campaign Source: This is already filled out for you as MarketTraq.
  2. Campaign Medium: This is already filled out for you as Email.
  3. Campaign Term: This defaults to your Drop ID number (unique to each send).
  4. Campaign Content/Name: Please fill in campaign content and campaign name fields. Keep them relevant. Refer to the examples below to make this easier.

Campaign Content/Name Example:

If you're running a series of campaigns to test a Holiday offer, then your Campaign Name might be "Holiday Offer 2013". If you're testing out a few different types of offers you might want to fill in the content section. For example, if the content had a "25% off Holiday shopping coupon," the Campaign Name might be "25% Off Coupon." If the content were "Buy 2 get 1 Free" then you might use that for the name on that Creative.

Hint: Remember, there are no hard rules; you can organize your campaigns however you'd like. We often find it helpful to sort by Campaign name first and then see which of the different types of emails sent in that campaign have the most effective content/offer.


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