M-Streams enable you to send out a series of continuous emails to an individual over time based on criteria selected in your M-Connect API. As new subscribers meet the criteria, the stream will start from the beginning on their own schedule.

All you need to do is select the Creative you would like to send, and the number of days after the original email is sent. After your M-Stream Campaign is created, use the Reference Number that appears in the top right corner in your send email API.

To learn how to set up an M-Stream Campaign, click here.


Tips & Tricks

Use an M-Stream to send a series of educational emails after someone registers on your web site.

You can also use an M-Stream to send out a series of cross-sell emails after a purchase has been made.

If you would like to send out follow up emails based on behavioral actions (for example, if someone clicks on a link), you can use the Follow Up Campaign functionality located on the Standard Send Screen.



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