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Begin by navigating to the M-Stream screen. To do so, open the M-Connect API drop-down menu on the navigation bar and click M-Stream Campaign Config.

This will take you to the M-Stream Campaign Configuration page, where there will be a brief explanation of what an M-Stream is and how to configure one. You can also look at your existing Campaigns, organized by Brand.

Look for the link that says Create/Edit M-Stream Campaign. Clicking it will open a new set of information fields on the same page.

Creating your M-Stream is simple; first, making sure that under M-Stream Campaign Name, the drop-down menu is set to --Add new campaign--, name your Campaign. This should be something descriptive but straightforward, such as New Website Signup.

(If you want to send out follow-up emails based on behavioral actions, do not use M-Streams; rather, use Follow Up Campaigns, which you can read about here.)

Then, Select a creative by opening the drop-down menu and finding which Creative you'd like to be sent out in the M-Stream.

Finally, select When the email will be sent out. Select how many days after the original email is sent out that this new Creative will be sent.

Then, click Save. Your new Campaign will now be displayed on the M-Stream Campaign Configuration page as seen below:

[Click image to magnify.]

The Reference Number in the upper right-hand corner will be used in your API.

Once your M-Stream Campaign emails have been scheduled, you will be able to view them in the Reports screen.



Add or Delete Rules

Each M-Stream Campaign can have multiple Rules. You cannot create more than one Rule at a time, so you have to add each one individually in the Edit screen. Doing this is very similar to creating a new Campaign. Once again, on the M-Stream Campaign Configuration screen, select Create/Edit M-Stream Campaign.

This time, instead of having --Add new campaign-- selected in the drop-down menu for the M-Stream Campaign Name, open the drop-down menu and select which campaign you'd like to edit.

Then, just as before, select which Creative you'd like to use and how many days after the initial email is sent you'd like the M-Stream to drop. Once you click Save, the added Rule will show up beneath your Campaign's header.

If you decide one of the Rules is now defunct, or you added a Rule mistakenly, just click Delete this rule beneath Actions, as in the example below.

[Click image to magnify.]

Note: If you would like to send out follow up emails based on behavioral actions (for example if someone clicks on a link), you can use the Follow Up Campaign functionality located on the Standard Send Screen. To learn more about Follow Up Campaigns, click here.

Delete Campaign

To delete a campaign, simply click the garbage icon  Delete this campaign located at the bottom right of your M-Stream Campaign's list of rules. (Only the icon is clickable).

A window will pop up asking you if you really want to delete the campaign. Be sure you've selected the correct campaign; there isn't a way to recover a Campaign you mistakenly delete.



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