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M-Blocks is MarketTraq's Dynamic Variable Content Technology. M-Blocks enables marketers to utilize their customer data to dynamically change many items of image, copy, headlines, and more within the body of every unique email.

Developing a strategy to maximize the impact of M-Blocks Technology is in many ways intuitive, as is the interface, but this step is not trivial. As is often the case in great marketing, a thoughtful strategy pays dividends. Contact your account manager for training and input into your M-Blocks powered campaigns.



To view current M-Blocks, click on M-Blocks on the navigation bar to open the drop-down menu, and then click M-Blocks Overview.

This will take you to a page that lists all M-Blocks. They can be sorted either by Name (both A-Z and Z-A) or by Last Modified (earliest to latest or vice versa). 

To view the M-Block details, either click on the name or the Edit Icon  under Action.

This will take you to a page titled Add/Edit M-Blocks. Here, you can see the If Conditions the M-Block includes. You can edit pre-existing content or add new If Conditions to the M-Block.

To view the full details for each If Condition, click the + at the left of each information bar. From that screen, you will also be able to add "OR" Statementsand "AND" Statements, as well as edit the displayed content.

[Click image to magnify.]



To add a new M-Block, click on M-Blocks in the navigation bar to open the drop-down menu, then select Add M-Block.

This will take you to the page that lists all current M-Blocks, but also has a Create New M-Block option above the listed M-Blocks. Here, you will select the Brand which the M-Block belongs to, and then you will Start the creation processby clicking Create New M-Block.

This will take you to the Add/Edit M-Blocks page where you can create your If Conditions and "OR"/"AND" Statements.

There are three components of an If Condition:

  1. Custom Field: If Conditions can be based on any field, including both standard fields such as Address1, Gender, and Birthday, and custom fields. Custom fields may include Store ID or City.
  2. Condition: This field controls how you use the custom field to create the demographic that will receive a Creative containing the M-Block. Since fields can be both quantitative (i.e., Age) or qualitative (i.e., City), there are multiple sets of conditions you can choose from in the drop-down menu depending upon what the custom field is defined as. Using the custom field City will yield the conditions Exact match, Does not matchContains substring, and Does not contain substring, while using the standard field Age will yield the potential conditions Equals, Does not equal, Is greater / less than, and Is greater / less than or equal to.
  3. Value: This is the term that you will be using to compare to the field you have chosen. For instance, if you are creating an M-Block for a particular age group, you can set the value at "65", corresponding to the Age custom field, and use the condition "is greater than" to send to subscribers who are likely to be retired.

Example: Here, I've chosen to use the Custom field City to send this M-Block only to people whose City is an Exact matchto "Manhattan".

[Click image to magnify.]

Create the content you would like to be displayed if the conditions are met in the THEN DISPLAY section. Create the content that will be displayed to all recipients who do not match the conditions in the OTHERWISE DISPLAY section.

You can create multiple If Conditions by clicking Add Another IF Condition Content beneath the THEN DISPLAY box.

Once you've created your desired IF Conditions, fill in the M-Block's Name at the bottom of the page and click Create New.


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