M-Triggers are used when you need messages sent to your subscribers automatically. Once set up, the system will check for recurring sends on the "Repeat" option that you choose. If there are users who fulfill the criteria, a message will be sent. Generally, the segments used in this type of message are data driven. This will create a targeted message to go out automatically to subscribers who fulfill that segment.

Examples of M-Triggers include membership notifications, survey emails after a purchase, and monthly alerts.

For example, SitePreserver is a type of triggered email that specializes in Cart Rescue. However, the way it is set up is different from a normal M-Trigger. To learn more about SitePreserver and rescue email campaigns, click here.



Step 1 - Navigate to the M-Trigger screen

Open the Send drop-down menu on the navigation bar and select M-Trigger.


Step 2 - Fill in the required Fields

Select the Creative for the M-Trigger rule. To select, open the drop-down menu and scroll through your Creatives. At the bottom of the list, you have the option to show Creatives for the last two weeks or the last month.

Select which List(s) you want to be the recipients of the Creative. List(s) are organized according to which Brand they are, so if you can't find the List(s) you want, try changing the Brand in the drop-down menu directly above.

Hint: To select multiple Lists, use ctrl + click. Each selected list will be highlighted in blue like in the below image.


Select which Segment you want to apply to the M-Trigger. Unlike List(s), you cannot select multiple Segments to receive your Creative.

IMPORTANT: Each segment has its own parameters that need to be met before an email can trigger. To learn more about how to build Segments, click here.

Select the frequency and time you want the M-Trigger to fire under Repeats. You can customize these settings so the M-Trigger fires daily at a specific time, weekly on particular days, or monthly on a chosen date, i.e. the 20th.

Example: With the settings below, the M-Trigger will fire daily at 5:00 PM.

Select More Options if you wish to do any of the following:

Skip first: Typically you will not use this, but Skip first allows you to skip however many recipients you want. For example, in the above image I have chosen to skip the first 10 recipients.

Send to max of: You will also not typically use this option either, but Send to max of allows you to send to any number of recipients you chose. For example, if you have a list of 300 names but only want to send to 150 recipients, simply fill in '150' in the information field like in the above example.

Email Confirmation: Here is where you can chose whether or not to receive confirmations about the M-Trigger. You have four options:

  1. Disabled: you will not receive any confirmations for the drop.
  2. When drop starts: you will receive email confirmations only at the beginning of the drop.
  3. When drop finishes: you will receive email confirmations only once the drop has finished.
  4. When drop starts/finishes: you will receive email confirmations at the beginning AND the end of the drop.

Admin email: This is the email that receives the confirmations if you choose to enable them.

Click Schedule to activate your M-trigger.



You cannot edit the settings of an M-Trigger. You must create a new M-Trigger and then delete the M-Trigger no longer desired. To do so, navigate to the M-Triggers screen. There will be a section at the bottom of the page with all your current M-Triggers. Simply click delete located on the right-hand side of the information bar.



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