1. Google Analytics
  2. Drop & Campaign Comparison Tool
  3. Google Analytics Query



Open the Analytics drop-down menu in the navigation tab and click Google Analytics to navigate to the page.

If you enabled Google Analytics for your email campaigns you will be able to see how your subscribers behaved once they reached your site. Page views, time on site, and sales are all accessible.


Drop & Campaign Comparison Tool

On this page, you can use the Drop & Campaign Comparison Tool to compare the performances of two separate campaigns or drops. Simply find the drops or campaigns you would like to compare in their respective drop-down menus, clicking add to choose each one at a time. 

Once added, the drop/campaign(s) will show up in a section to the right under the small blue header Compared Items. If you add the wrong drop or campaign, simply click delete.


Google Analytics Query

As a MarketTraq user, you can use the Google Analytics Data API to customize a report for a profile based on your specifications. You specify the profile ID, dimensions, metrics, date range, and other parameters to indicate exactly what data you want.

While you can request any combination of metrics and dimensions, not all combinations are valid. When you request an invalid combination of dimensions and metrics, you will receive an error message indicating that you have made an invalid request.



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